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We stay awake and alive because Insurance helps families in financial distress, during the times of death, disability, disease, and accidents, and when families need help most. One incident can destroy a family’s future and development. We hope no one ever faces such a situation, but the truth is millions of people do. Unlike European countries we have poor social security. The rich can still recover from the financial loss, but the poor cannot recover from such a loss easily. Thus we believe we do a noble act by building awareness about such a product.
We are against miss selling. Millions of people every year buy Insurance policies without understanding as they are usually told just a few things to sell the product. Many times these are lies or half-truths; as such commitments are rarely documented or recorded. Thus customers start hating insurance and its sellers hurting persistency and growth. This is no way to build a sustainable business. We believe everyone must fully understand what they are buying, and know both the positives and the negatives. They should know the options, and choose what is best for them and their needs.

The true value of any insurance policy lies in the payment of a claim, and we will fight the corner of a customer very hard indeed, at the point of claim, and ensure he gets a fair deal from the insurance company.
Finally we believe companies must make a profit too, else how can they continue to service customers. Thus we are against customer side fraud. We like customers to make truthful declarations, and not try to cheat the system.
All in all, Insurance has a huge role in supporting families in distress, and we will make it viable for every participant, as we said, fairly, transparently, and sustainably.

Work with us ( Free Registration )

To join our dynamic team, send in your profile to
Step of Registration:-
1. Select Agent checkbok
2. Fill your mobile number :- Receive an OTP and fill OTP in Box
3. Fill your name as per Adhar, Pan and Bank Record
4. Valid mail id
5. Pincode
6. Valid Date of Birth

7. Use Referral Code :- ADCA10391

Note:- without fill referral code you can not join with us
After registration complete your KYC, like upload Adhar Card, Pan Card and Bank Passbook or Cancel Cheque. and give detail of successfully upload file of your KYC on this mail.
After approved your KYC details through company, we will send you commission slab of different companies and different categories like plans or product.
For any query
Mail us:-
Call :- 9717496372
Whatsapp :- 9654608069 

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